Why August is the Best Month to Advertise Your Rental!


Why August is the Best Month to Advertise Your Rental!

It’s always the right time to advertise — but only August is the best time!

There are a lot of theories bandied back and forth about when the best time to try to advertise your rental is. Our thoughts are the August is the month for rental properties, because it’s the month for motivated people to move.

Procrastinating Families HAVE to Move!
Many people are procrastinators and wait until the last proverbial minute to do things. Many people also wait because they believe the grass is always greener somewhere and hope they find a better property or deal. Why is this important? Well, procrastinators with families have to find a new place to live before the school year starts. They’ve probably spent June & July thinking about moving and maybe looking around a bit, but in August they have to get serious about moving!

August Means Summer; Summer Means No School
It’s always a pain for a family to move right in the middle of the school year. It’s entirely disruptive to the kids, who are likely to grow to dislike their new living space because they associate it with the loss of their friends and a reset on their social lives. Some schools run late into June, but July and August are almost always school-free and thus ideal for a family to find a new abode.

August Has the Best Weather
Nationwide, August is the month with the least rainy days. Now a family determined to move isn’t going to let a little sprinkle stop them, but it’s always nice to be able to count on sun — or at least ‘not rain or snow’ — for your moving day. August’s weather makes sense for moving.

Families are Changing
Summertime is wedding season — and August is also the month when the most kids leave home to go to college for the first time. Take advantages of these major life-changes by offering rentals appropriate for first-time couples and last-time parents, and you can score.

Seasonal Workers are Looking for Homes
August is the beginning of harvest season, and for many workers who move where the work is, that means it’s time to find a spot somewhere near the new jobs. If your rental offers even remotely reasonable access to a large-scale farm or other summertime job producer, advertising a lower-end rental can result in a quick, if short-term, tenant.

It’s The Best Time To Have A Yard Sale (a.k.a. Get Rid Of Your Old Stuff!)
If someone is going to move, there’s almost certainly going to be a bunch of stuff they’d rather not take with them. August is peak yard-sale month — people will be out more, looking for deals — which means it’s the best time for them to make a few cents getting rid of those “other man’s treasures”. All the easier to move after a big fat yard sale.

Other People Are Moving, Too
Perhaps one of the best reasons to look for a new residence in August is that other people have figured out that August is the best time to move as well. That creates a chain reaction of people moving out, apartments and homes getting cleaned, and new people moving in. That, in turn, means that the August rental scene can look completely different on the 25th than it did on the 5th — so if you don’t see the place you’re looking for this week, try again the next.

There’s a lot of theories as to which is the best month to try to fill a rental. Royal Rose Properties is pretty sure this is it.

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