Infographic: Styling Your Home as a Renter


Infographic: Styling Your Home as a Renter

Renters, it turns, out, CAN be choosers!

An Indian-looking tapestry featuring a parade of elephants.Recently we came across this detailed infographic from EZ Living Interiors ( which dispenses brilliant advice on how renters can put their own style on the residence without being given a telling-off from their landlord.

It is a common sentiment amongst renters that not owning a property means that they can’t put their personal stamp on it to any notable degree. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are so many simple ways in which you can transform rented accommodation into a real home without breaking any rules contained in your tenancy agreement.

Don’t like the tables, chairs or sofa that was left to you? Get yourself some modular furniture that is more ‘you’. It’s incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble, while it is very customisable to the space in which you wish to put it. Rather than having a room dominated by superfluously large furniture, modular items can be arranged in a way that fits the living space perfectly. Also, if the time comes to move out, it won’t take long to dismantle and can be made compact for transporting to your next living quarters.

If the décor features of the rented accommodation conflict with what you truly want, then pick up some distinguished yet portable items such as unsecured rugs and picture frames. Rugs are perfect for throwing over grotty carpets or unappealing wooden floors to brighten up a room, while they can be easily rolled up if you’re moving on to somewhere else.

Feature walls are brilliant for personalising your living space and displaying photography or paintings that mean a great deal to you. If you are hanging framed pictures on a wall, though, be sure to get your landlord’s permission first, as they might not readily welcome renters drilling holes and banging nails into the walls of a property that isn’t theirs.

Check out the infographic below for further tips on styling your rented home.

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