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The Most Important Part of Any Move-In: The Inspection Checklist

It’s always good to stay organized, but when you’re doing something as complex as moving into a new home, it’s not just good — it should be mandatory. When you’re moving into a new home, especially a rental, there are a lot of things you need to think about. There’s all of the generalities of […]


Tenants: Dual Detection Keeps Kids Significantly Safer

Should You Have a Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector? When you think about emergencies that can happen in your home, it can be all too easy to worry about raging flames without considering other, less obvious dangers. Carbon monoxide is among the most fatal of these less-apparent concerns. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, […]


Tenants & Yard Work

Many Tenants want the benefits of renting a house versus an apartment or condo, but then fail to properly maintain the yard. We just received a citation warning from a local municipality about an overgrown lawn. Just another example of a tenant not taking care of the lawn as per their lease agreement. Now we […]


Tenants – You Break It, You Pay to Fix It!

When it comes to maintenance & repairs, tenants should understand their responsibilities when leasing a home are no different than when leasing a car. Last week we received a call from a tenant regarding a broken screen door. We sent a maintenance person to check it out and they reported back that it appeared the […]


Sharing Your Financial Information with Landlords

Last week we had two interesting interactions with rental applicants. One was very upset that we required them to resend their bank statements after they blacked-out their bank account numbers. The other applicant wanted to know why we asked for proof of their rent payments via cancelled checks and copies of money orders. In both […]


Should You Hire an Agent to Find You a Rental Home?

Many of the calls we get on our rental properties are a dead-end for us and the interested party as we don’t manage something that fits their needs or budget.  A decent number of these callers tell us how difficult a time they’re having finding a home and complain about the time they’re investing in […]


Tenant Rights when Their Metro Detroit Rental Goes into Foreclosure

You’re paying your rent on time, enjoying the property you live in, when a foreclosure notice is tacked to the door.  What do you do?   Finding a foreclosure notice on the door of your Metro Detroit area rental property can be pretty unsettling. Lot’s of questions run through your mind: When do you have to […]


How to Rent a Home in a Hot Detroit Area Market

The hot rental market in several metro Detroit areas is making it very difficult to find a nice rental home. How many homes have you called on recently that have already been taken? If you’re looking in areas like Royal Oak, Berkley, Birmingham, etc. than it probably happens often. We’ve experienced extremely high call volumes on rental […]


Smile Your Way to Some Savings

Many of our tenants don’t have medical insurance, much less dental insurance.  There is an affordable way to protect your smile. We’re always trying to find ways to help out our tenants as we realize times our tough. So, when we met a representative from Baker College’s Dental Hygiene program and heard what they had […]


The Wrong Way to Fill Out a Rental Application

If you can’t fill out a rental application correctly or provide the requested documents, why would someone rent to you? We recently shredded a rental application from a prospect interested in a property, without processing it. Why? Much of it was illegible, parts of it were blank and after waiting 3 days we still hadn’t […]