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Lessons Our (Failed) Applicants Taught Us

Sometimes, the best lessons come from the people you didn’t catch. There’s a lot of truth to the notion that the best teacher is experience‚Ķsadly. We’d love to be able to say that we learned our lessons in quality tenant screening by reading about other people’s mistakes and taking their advice — but to be […]


The Complete Guide to DIY Credit Checks for Tenant Screening

Step one: screen every tenant. No exceptions! Tenant screening is a topic we are extremely keen on, because it’s one of those factors that makes a big difference in your profitability as a property manager or real estate investor. It’s also one of those tasks that’s just annoying enough and obscure enough that it’s remarkably […]


You Got 49 Problems, But This Tenant Ain’t One

We could probably have brainstormed another 50, but we didn’t want to run into intellectual property issues. Last week, we talked a bit about how to know if a property management company wasn’t right for you. Today, we’re taking a step down the chain and having a bit of fun: here’s 49 reasons why a […]


The Startling Effects of Poor Tenant Screening Practices

You hurt more than just yourself when you screen poorly. We’re going to start this with some scary statistics collected by a research firm in Boston, all of them about landlords who “do it alone” and don’t rely on the services of a property management company: 66% of them do not conduct Sex Offender Registry […]


Tenant Credit Scores: Why You Should Always Look Deeper…

Just Like the Book Covers They’re Always Telling You About! Across the course of human history, there have been a lot of things that people just flat-out didn’t understand — and unsurprisingly, those things have had a tendency to create the most bizarre myths and stories. We blamed lightning on Thor and/or Zeus, the appearance […]


Tenants Who Smoke May Be Burning Through Your Money

Ceilings, baseboards, lungs — it seems everything smoke gets into needs replacing, and usually at great expense. When you have tenants who smoke heavily, you have a unit that’s going to need a special kind of deep-cleaning when that tenant leaves. You may need to clean or replace not just the paint, but the trim, […]


Are You Getting Scammed? What to Watch For

If Something Seems Amiss — Or Too Good To Be True — It Probably Is. You’ve probably seen stories on the news about renters getting targeted by zany scams on Craigslist and similar sites — but you rarely hear about the scammers that target landlords, and they’re surprisingly common. Getting scammed can do serious damage […]


Mistakes Landlords Make, Part I

We’ve been a lot less than perfect over the years — maybe you can learn a bit from some of our ‘favorite’ mistakes. No one is perfect — and while landlords aren’t any worse than anyone else, our mistakes can certainly cost a lot more than most people’s. We’d like to share with you some […]


Perfect 10 — Or Problem Tenant? Part III: Tips and Tricks

The low-down on getting the down-low. Sometimes, you’re just not sure about a tenant. Maybe everything seems OK on paper, but you have an intuition that says there’s something untoward beneath the surface. Maybe you’ve got an ex-felon with no credit who claims to make $65,000/year mowing lawns, but he has honest eyes and a […]


Perfect 10 — Or Problem Tenant? Part II: The Money

Otherwise excellent people sometimes have amazing difficulties dealing with money. In Part I, we pointed out the most basic tenant-screening questions that we hope landlords everywhere are using to keep the worst of the riff-raff out of their properties — but we stopped short of talking about financial questions, because they’re a bit more complex […]

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