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9 Steps to Prepare an Investment Property For Its First Tenant

No Second Chance for a First Impression Whether you’re a novice investor wondering what to do with your first property or a seasoned property manager with scores of active properties under your belt, it pays to know exactly what it takes to get a freshly-purchased investment property ready to rent. Here’s our take on the […]


True Cost of DIY Rent-Ready Work after Tenant Move-Out

How much does it really cost you to get your property Rent-Ready when a tenant moves out? We know a property owner that had tenants move out of a rental property in November and the property still isn’t ready to rent out 7 months later.  He insists he’s “saving money” by doing most of the […]


Charging Tenants for Maintenance Bills

Tenants rarely take responsibility for repair issues, so landlords need strong language in lease agreements to legally charge tenants for problems they cause. We just had another experience that reminded us why our lease has so many clauses. A Tenant contacted us because their kitchen drain was clogged. We asked what caused the problem and […]


An Easy Way to Handle Appliance Repairs in Your Detroit Area Rental Properties

Both DTE Energy and Consumers Energy offer “Appliance Service Plans” that can make life easy for do-it-yourself property owners in the metro Detroit area. You’ve filled your latest vacancy, got the tenant in with all the necessary documents & disclosures signed and everything should just be on auto-pilot from here on out, right? Wrong! Murphy’s […]