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The DIY Landlord’s Guide to Rent Readiness on the Cheap

Save money on your rental by dealing with condensation. The question that every landlord ultimately runs up against is “how can I make this property Rent Ready without opening up a line of credit to do it?” In the very long run, the most important thing you can do toward reducing your rent readiness costs […]


Common Sources of Water Damage & How To Fix Them (Guest Post)

Water — it’s vital to life…unfortunately, that life happens to include fungus and mold that we really would rather not live with. No one ever wants to experience water damage within the home, but the fact is it happens. It’s crucial to know what to do when water damage occurs to minimize structural damage and […]


Is This Repair/Maintenance or Capital Expenditure?

The account you get to write the check from matters for several reasons. Property investors who deal in residential property might not be as familiar with terms like ‘CapEx’ (that’s Capital Expenditure) than those who deal in commercial structures, but knowing the difference between CapEx and Repair/Maintenance can help you figure out how to maximize […]


Seven Clues that Your Investment Property Needs a New Roof

Clue Number One: It Has No Roof. It’s hard to say with confidence that any given part of a rental home is ‘more important’ than any other — they all kind of have to work together in a very specific way to accomplish their job — but if there was one part that fit the […]


Advanced Property Management, Part III: Negotiating

Flexibility Isn’t The Most Important Think for a Property Manager…But It’s In the Top Three. This is going to come as a massive shock to a lot of property managers out there, so brace yourself: most tenants want to pay you what they owe.  Most tenants want to be able to work out a fair […]


Finding a Great Contractor to Work on Your Rental Properties

If you don’t already know the right people, here’s how to find some. Finding a great contractor isn’t easy. Contractors can be hard to get in touch with, overly expensive, slow to complete projects, or even just vanish partway through a job. Finding a great contractor that you can count on to work with you […]


The Right Way to Handle A Move-In Checklist

The Wrong Way is “Not Handling It At All.” If you’re not familiar with property management paperwork, rest assured there’s a lot of it — so much, in fact, that many landlords are tempted to not deal with it whenever the opportunity presents itself. One classic example: the Move-In Checklist. For the renter, a move-in […]


9 Steps to Prepare an Investment Property For Its First Tenant

No Second Chance for a First Impression Whether you’re a novice investor wondering what to do with your first property or a seasoned property manager with scores of active properties under your belt, it pays to know exactly what it takes to get a freshly-purchased investment property ready to rent. Here’s our take on the […]


True Cost of DIY Rent-Ready Work after Tenant Move-Out

How much does it really cost you to get your property Rent-Ready when a tenant moves out? We know a property owner that had tenants move out of a rental property in November and the property still isn’t ready to rent out 7 months later.  He insists he’s “saving money” by doing most of the […]


Charging Tenants for Maintenance Bills

Tenants rarely take responsibility for repair issues, so landlords need strong language in lease agreements to legally charge tenants for problems they cause. We just had another experience that reminded us why our lease has so many clauses. A Tenant contacted us because their kitchen drain was clogged. We asked what caused the problem and […]