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The ‘Emergency Marketing’ Dilemma

Yes, we’re doing more much more than put a “for rent” sign on your property. Recently, our Marketing Department had an interesting interaction with an owner whose rental unit just wasn’t moving, for reasons that no one could control. The owner asked us if we could do anything extra in terms of emergency marketing to […]


How Long Does It Take? Vacant Property Edition

study found that closing times on real estate rentals are getting longer—on average it now takes 50 days. Royal Rose Properties does a lot of things for our owners. We manage renovation, repairs, marketing, inspections, move-ins and -outs, collections, evictions, and more. Each of those tasks takes time, but many owners don’t really have a […]


How to Get More Rent & Shorter Vacancies on the Cheap

More than cosmetics, a spiffy home protects a homeowner’s investment. Royal Rose Properties has a system for making sure that all of the necessary repairs get done before we try to move a new tenant into your home — but sometimes, doing more than is strictly necessary can be a big benefit to your bottom […]


Switching to ShowingHero: Good, Bad, and Beautiful

Technology can be the solution, but that’s after first defining what the problem is. Thanks to the loss of two once-great showing agents over the course of three months, Royal Rose Properties found itself faced with a dilemma: hire new agents and deal with all of the trial-and-error that comes with it, or find another […]


The DIY Landlord’s Guide to Taking Pictures of Your House

If you know what you’re doing, you can get some high-quality photos from the default camera app on your smart phone. So you’ve got a house, and you’ve got ad copy that you’re pretty sure will sell readers on seeing that house — but this is the Internet age, and copy alone doesn’t sell anything […]


The DIY Landlord’s Guide to Writing Property Ads

People hate being sold to by the stereotype of the used car dealer. So you’ve got a property that’s ready to have someone move in. So how do you get someone to move in without spending a boatload of money marketing it? This is exactly what the Internet is good for! So today we’re going […]


The DIY Landlord’s Guide to What ‘Rent Ready’ Means

Warm, cozy and safe – might not be all that tenants look for when deciding to rent your property. So you’ve got yourself a single-family residence that no one is living in, and you’ve decided that you want to rent it out to make some side money, and you’ve decided that you’re going to personally […]


Under the Hood, Part II: The ‘No Property Left Behind’ System

Don’t worry, there are no standardized tests here — just accountability done right.   Continuing this month’s theme of ‘behind the scenes at Royal Rose Properties,’ we’re going to give you a glimpse this week into the system that Royal Rose Properties uses to make sure that every property gets attention when it needs it. […]


How to Lose a Customer: The Power of a Bad Impression

It only takes one bad expression to leave a bad impression. Royal Rose Properties recently signed a new owner, took over management of their single property, and was fired by that owner, all within a month. It was a shock to us; first time it’s happened in years. When we sat down to review exactly […]


Why Isn’t My Property Renting? Part III: Showing and Closure

Even the best ad in the world can’t save you from a showing agent having a bad hair month. So having followed the suggestions laid out in Parts I and II, you’ve reached the point at which your house looks good, everything is in good repair, you have good pictures, your ad is well-written and […]