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Why Communication is Key with Your Property Management Company

We live in a world where communication is key, but not all businesses are good at it. Telecommunication providers, for example, are notorious for their annoying and barely-responsive customer services… if you can even reach them at all. It’s no different in the service-oriented real estate industry. PMCs are supposed to manage properties and tenants […]


Dealing with Squatters During Coronavirus

Even prior to the pandemic, squatters gave landlords and property managers headaches. If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you’ve most probably heard of the concept of “squatter’s rights”. Most often, “squatter rights” are used to try to justify the illegal occupation of property. Some states, including Michigan, have made squatting a criminal […]


What Will Happen to the Rental Industry if the Pandemic Lasts 2 Years?

What happens if the pandemic goes on for the next six months? The next year? What if it goes on much longer than we were originally expecting, and lasts another two years? With the way experts have been talking about the potentially slow delivery of a vaccine, that’s a possibility that’s starting to seem increasingly […]


Hiring a PMC? Consider this equation: Cheaper Price = Less Services

What do you get when you opt for the cheapest cell phone provider you can find? You end up with a lot of dropped calls, and less-than-satisfactory customer service (we’re not naming names, but we think you know which companies we’re talking about!). This is the same concept to consider when hiring a PMC. Digital […]


Virtual & 3D Tours are Here to Stay: Should You Invest in Them?

  With the pandemic still at large, it seems like virtual and 3D tours are truly here to stay. But should landlords invest in them? What if it’s just a temporary fix due to COVID? What are the benefits of having virtual tours, anyway? Before the pandemic changed our general behavior, most people didn’t trust […]


How to Switch PMCs as Seamlessly as Possible

If you’ve already come to the decision to end the relationship with your existing Property Management Company (PMC), chances are they’ve dropped the ball in several aspects of their job. They could be disorganized, bad at communicating, or failing to deliver the quality of service that was promised or expected. But often this gets even […]


Winter-proofing Your Rental Properties

With the warm months behind us and the weather cooling, it’s only a matter of time before winter snow and ice are here!  The last thing you want is tenants calling you on a freezing January night, saying their pipes have burst, flooding the entire basement and ruining their stuff (which they want you to […]


The Investors’ Game Plan, Part 3: Optimize Your Rental Business

In this Investors’ Game Plan series, we’ve talked about everything you need to know before diving into the industry in Part 1, and Part 2 looked at how you can create a foolproof marketing strategy for your rental business. Assuming you’ve done well on those two fronts, by now, you’re probably beginning to gain pretty […]


The Investors’ Game Plan, Part 1: Develop a Rental Business Strategy.

  Looking to escape the 9-5 and attain financial freedom? Most people who dream of launching their own business want to gain full autonomy and the ability to live their lives more flexibly, rather than simply being stuck behind a computer desk. Yet nearly half of all new businesses fail within their first 5 years […]