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Tips for Newbies Investing in Real Estate

Learn how to find & buy properties in Detroit, and make money through real estate investing. Investing in real estate is a tough gig to get in on, especially when you have no idea where to start. Here are a few of the tactics that our owners have used to find their first — or […]


The 3 Most Common Eviction Mistakes DIY Landlords Make

Eviction is the legal process whereby a landlord regains possesion of his rental unit, typically for nonpayment or other lease violations. Each state has their own well-defined laws and procedures for evicting tenants. Failure to follow these correctly may result in money-costing delays and/or force a landlord to start the eviction process all over again. […]


Maintenance Lessons Courtesy of the Polar Vortex

Winter is always a busy time for the Maintenance crew, and the kinds of work that need doing in the winter tend much more toward ‘emergency’ This year, Metro Detroit got really cold. The news pointed out on a couple of occasions that it was colder in Detroit than it was in Antarctica! And that […]


Is Your Rental Investment Still Worth It?

While there are no 100% hard-and-fast rules, here are some things that you definitely do need to keep in mind when you’re pondering that question One of the biggest problems with the high-risk/high-reward nature of the real estate market in the City of Detroit (versus the suburbs) is that when you hit that ‘high-risk’ side […]


Hiring Practices for the Modern Property Manager

You will never regret hiring someone who has all the characteristics you need — and only few of the “Essential Requirements” listed in the job ad. One of the more cutting-edge trends in the American corporate world of hiring based on personality traits over skills, is starting to filter its way down to the small […]


Information Overload in Property Management, Part IV

A positive attitude is contagious. It’s time for our final post on how to deal with information overload within your property management company. In our last few posts, we’ve covered the problem itself, how to handle information in a way that makes it easier to manage, and how to keep your brain best able to […]


Information Overload in Property Management, Part III

Getting more quality sleep will help you remember and process things better. Continuing our chat on information overload from the past two posts, it’s time to talk about how you can improve your own brain’s ability to handle information. Most of this is obvious once you read it, but it’s probably not anything you’ve thought […]


Information Overload in Property Management, Part II

You know that you managed your priorities well when you’ve set aside a “ready to be interrupted” time in your work schedule. So last time, we talked about what ‘information overload’ was, and mentioned that you can deal with it by modifying the information itself, or by modifying your brain so it can deal with […]


Information Overload in Property Management, Part I

Have you ever suffered from the dreaded business disease called “infobesity? The single biggest challenge of our collective jobs in property management is dealing with the raw amount of information that comes in. It’s something that we warn our new employees about, but it’s not something that we’re really talking about. So I thought I’d […]


DIY Landlord Tips: Evicting a Tenant with Heart

When you do have to evict someone, you do it with heart. Make no mistake: evicting a tenant is hard. It takes an emotional toll on you, even if you didn’t have the best relationship with the tenant in the first place. The number of times that the head of our Evictions Department has almost […]