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Where Are Your Renters Moving Out To? Other Rental Properties!

So Why Aren’t They Just Staying Where They Are? Every month, hundreds of thousands of leases end around the nation, and hundreds of thousands of renting families have to decide whether they’re ready to move into an owned home or whether they’re going to keep renting. Most of them are choosing to remain in the […]


Property Managers Wear a Lot of Hats

Fedoras, Babushkas, Yarmulkes, Bonnets…wait… Becoming a landlord isn’t for the weak of will or the faint of heart. Late night maintenance calls, knotty legal issues, abusive tenants, and immense amounts of detailed and meticulous paperwork are referred to as “last week.” And as part and parcel of the process, your clients — the owners whose […]


Avoiding Vacancies By Caring Enough to Lead

This Is Why Everyone Always Told You To Do Something You Love Doing Leadership isn’t a rank you achieve — it’s a choice you make. Anyone can be a leader, because the thing that defines a leader is the decision to look out for the people around you and do what needs to be done […]


How to Manage Aging Residents Appropriately

Old School! There are certain risks that come with having elderly tenants in a rental under your management. Some of those risks — like suddenly losing a tenant to a catastrophic medical incident — are relatively obvious, but many are more subtle. One of the nastiest traps comes from what seems to be a simple […]


Summer is Heating Up the Metro Detroit Rental Market

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Property Owner in Detroit Just nine months ago, the news cycle around Detroit had several reports out assuring everyone that it was much better to buy a home in Detroit than it was to rent here. It put a tiny bit of a damper on the […]


The Incredible Influence of Online Reputation

A company called BrightLocal, late last year, released a survey of how people interact with customer reviews, and the results were interesting enough that when I stumbled upon it, I decided I had to share. Different people have had a lot of different takeaways from reading the survey, but the lesson that I learned is […]


Calling A Drone Strike On Your Tenants

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently legally required to formulate laws allowing and supporting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in domestic airspace by September 2015. Cutting-edge companies like Amazon are already exploring programs that will enable them to take advantage by using ‘drone delivery’ for light packages to addresses near warehouses. So […]


The Incentives That Actually Keep Tenants Around

Offering incentives in order to retain a good tenant is simply smart business — it’s significantly cheaper to maintain a current customer by giving them a small gift than it is to market and find a new tenant. But how exactly to retain tenants (or, more accurately since we’re clearly talking about incentives here, what […]


How to Take Advantage of Energy Incentives

Energy rebates and incentives are out there. Intelligent people who apply themselves to finding and applying for them can save themselves a lot of money — but it often seems like the only way to stumble across them is by meeting someone who already knows where to look. That’s because they come from a wide […]


Evicting Your First Tenant: What Does A Day in Court Look Like?

ProTip: Bring Every Record You Have of Every Encounter You Had. If you’re a first-time landlord or you’ve just been lucky enough to not have evicted a tenant yet, you may be rather dreading the moment when some tenant has the testicular fortitude to bring you to court over an eviction. That’s because it’s new […]

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