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COVID-19 Tenant Payment Performance Update through March 2021

  We truly hope you appreciate our extra efforts to keep you informed about the COVID impact on tenant payment performance. There are a lot of issues outside of our control, but we want to communicate to keep you informed. Please send us any suggestions for what additional information you’d like to see. Please be […]


What Michigan Landlords Need to Know About Pot Legalization

Cannabis proponents are rejoicing the passage of the new law in Michigan that has legalized marijuana. Details still need to be hashed out, pun intended, but it makes cannabis, in all its forms legal for personal use. The state-wide law does give municipalities the right to restrict or ban shops in their communities but not […]


A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Landlord Licensing, Part II

Yes, that’s a 500 grand fine!! How do you like that? Last week, we laid out the basics of the Landlord Licensing (a.k.a. Rental Certification) process. This week, we’re going to talk about a few of the ways that the process can get challenging — specifically, the ones that will cost you a significant amount […]


A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Landlord Licensing, Part I

That’s the business. If you don’t want to go through the Landlord Licensing process, go buy a corner store. Due to public outcry against “slumlords”, many cities in the US have some type of program that requires a landlord to pay a rental property registration fee, have their property inspected by the city and do […]


The Crime Free Lease Addendum: Is This A Good Thing?

Are We Penalizing The Right People, The Right Way? In 2009, Saginaw passed a law requiring landlords to include a section in their lease agreements dubbed the ‘Crime Free Lease Addendum.’ In March of this year, Buena Vista Township (adjacent to Saginaw) passed the same law. In essence, this addendum adds a section to the […]


Do Your Renters Run Businesses Out Of Their Homes?

There’s No Business Like Home Business When Home Business Is Your Business The Small Business Administration recently pointed out that almost half of all businesses in the United States are home-based businesses. The Department of Housing and Urban Development tells us that 35.9% of Americans are renting, as of last quarter. Assuming an average distribution, […]


Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Rental Properties

Will more cities start requiring them? The smoke caused by house fires can be detected in numerous ways without a smoke detector; heat, smell, sight, sound and even taste. We can detect smoke in our homes with all our five senses. CO or Carbon Monoxide on the other hand is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It […]