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Preventative Maintenance for Landlords

Don’t forget to varnish and seal your landlord at least annually.   You probably expect this to be a blog post about how important it is to have an expert come in and regularly perform the scheduled maintenance on all of your properties’ mechanicals and appliances. But if you expected that, why are you reading […]


Property Management Hacks for the Buildings

No, we’re not talking about breaking doors down…honest. ‘Hacks’ are one of those things we can never get enough of — small insider-developed tricks that are designed to address one specific annoying problem and do it so well that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them. Here’s some building-related ‘hacks’ we’ve learned over […]


Minimizing Costs, Maximizing Rent: Renovating a House

Renovate (ren-oh-VAIT), v: “to make new again,” from the Latin reno meaning “money pit,” (see Reno, Nevada) + vate meaning “the act of upending your wallet into.” c. 13th century British. Renovating a home after a client has given it to your property management company to oversee is pretty much part-and-parcel of today’s PMing world. […]


Minimizing Costs, Maximizing Rent: Cleaning Between Tenants

Doing a serious deep-clean before the first tenant is a must, but between tenants, it’s often just a waste of money. When you get that notice from a tenant that says “Candace is out — peace,” you know what needs to happen, and one of those things is that you need to get the place […]


Advanced Property Management, Part IV: Property vs. Asset Management

“Hey, RRP. We just purchased a property out of foreclosure, and we know nothing about it.” There’s few times more hectic in a property manager’s life than the moment that a client calls you with those words. You know, right away, that you’re going to be a busy manager for the next few days at […]


Seven Clues that Your Investment Property Needs a New Roof

Clue Number One: It Has No Roof. It’s hard to say with confidence that any given part of a rental home is ‘more important’ than any other — they all kind of have to work together in a very specific way to accomplish their job — but if there was one part that fit the […]


How to Keep Your Rental’s Carpets Looking Great

It turns out, not even carpets like getting walked all over. So the tenants in 42 Boulevard Road St. just moved out, and the move-out video your inspector took arrived in your email inbox this morning. The first thing you notice as he walks into the living room: the carpet is probably going to need […]


Keep Pests Out of Your Rental Property!

This time, we’re not talking about the kind with two legs and a history of rental fraud. Pests — roaches, ants, vermin, termites, and so on — can be an extraordinary annoyance at some rental properties (and then mysteriously never bother others.) If you’re dealing with a home that seems constantly plagued by pests and […]


Smoke and Mirrors: Are E-Cigarettes Better For Your Property Than Regular?

If It Looks Like a Smoke, and It Smells Like a Smoke… E-cigs — electronic cigarettes — aren’t exactly new, but they’re becoming a popular-enough alternative to ‘normal’ smoking that they’re starting to become almost as commonplace, especially in places where smoking is banned. How do Electronic Cigarettes Work? E-cigarettes use water vapor with nicotine, […]


Bed Bugs: How to Know, What to Do

Hitting them with a shoe just doesn’t seem to get the message across. Everybody seems to have an understanding that beg bugs are a problem in apartments and hotels and other high-density places…but everyone is pretty much wrong on that regard. Bed bugs don’t particularly care where they settle in — they’re just as comfortable […]

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