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The Challenge of Finding Contractors

Finding new talent in the real estate construction and maintenance business usually means some amount of trial and error. The head of the Maintenance Department chatted with me about the struggles that his Department is facing lately, and we realized after a bit of chatting that the majority of their problems come down to the […]


How a Professional Landlord Manages Contractors: Like a BOSS

50% of workers say they’re not sure what’s expected of them in their job. Sounds crazy, but it’s true! The Royal Rose Properties Maintenance Department deals with an extraordinary range of contractors, from the down-and-dirty “Chuck with a truck” guys to professional builders who offer ALL the services – and charge you for all those […]


DIY Landlord Tools: The Ultimate Rent-Ready Checklist IV

There is nothing worse than wonky water temperature and water pressure that is much too hard or gentle. We’re finally reaching the last installment of our Ultimate Rent-Ready Checklist. We feel we should point out, now that we’re near the end, that this checklist doesn’t include things that you would turn to a building inspector […]


DIY Landlord Tools: The Ultimate Rent-Ready Checklist II

Having a checklist provides a systematic way to inspect the home for any outstanding issues. We’re going forward today with the most complete rent-ready checklist around, and this time, we’re doing the basics: things that every room needs, and things that every house as a whole needs as well. Each and Every Room Needs (Where […]


Do It Yourself Water Damage Repairs (Guest Post)

Water may be essential to humans, but it can spell death for a home. When you purchase a home, it becomes your biggest asset or baby that needs a lot of care and attention. Sometimes things can happen to your property that are beyond your control. You are away on a trip, business or otherwise. […]


Big Challenges of Property Management: Maintenance Edition

It may surprise you to learn that the biggest problems in Maintenance have nothing to do with houses.’. When it comes to property management, every phase of the cycle has its own unique challenges. This month, we’re going to ‘go deep’ on a few of the most challenging areas of our business, talk about what […]


Types of Contractors and What to Use Them For

Contractor – n. – “A person with a tractor,” from the Spanish ‘con tractor‘. Royal Rose Properties deals with a lot of contractors. Lawn maintenance and landscaping, plumbing, electrical, driveways and landscaping, roofing, flooring and carpet cleaning, and dozens of other specializations make for a large Rolodex. So, we’ve experienced various levels of service and […]


Broken Windows: A Theory on Tenant Respect for Property

Sorry, this is not the theory where defenestrating tenants makes them respect you more. In the late 60s, psychologist Phillip Zombardo did a fascinating experiment. He took a car and parked it on the side of the street in the Bronx, and an identical car in the same situation in Palo Alto. His goal was […]


DIY Landlords: The First-Timer’s FAQ

There are just some questions that are too hard to find answers to. Hopefully, these are some of them.   Royal Rose Properties is a firm believer in helping out Do-It-Yourself Landlords. From our perspective, the more of you that succeed, the more of you that may eventually get big enough to need our services […]


Abandoned: When The Tenant Is Just…Gone!

*Knock* *Knock* …Anyone home? Usually, a landlord knows when a tenant is moving out. But deal with enough properties for enough time, and you’re all but guaranteed to come across the instance when your rent doesn’t get paid, the tenant isn’t answering the phone, and when you finally get someone out there to inspect the […]

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