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Newbie Mistakes In Real Estate Investing

Let Me Hear You Say ‘Flipping Ain’t Easy!’ It’s easy to mess up any sort of investment — the entire concept behind investing is that you accept some risk in return for getting a better return than you get from your bank account. But certain kinds of investing, like real estate, are just as much […]


It’s a Great Time to Buy a House…If You’re an Investor

Opportunity is Knocking! …Or Is That the Plumbing? Last week, we went over the fact that owning your home is, on average, about twice as affordable as renting — and why. The lack of first-time buyers created by strict debt-to-income ratio laws and high down payments is creating a slowdown in the entire consumer housing […]


It’s a Great Time to Buy a House…If You Can

If You Can’t, It’s Obviously A Great Time to Rent a House! It’s actually been a very long time since buying a home cost more than renting one — since 1991, to be precise — but there are a lot of extrinsic factors that have made renting a better option in general for most people. […]


Vacancies Are Starting to Go Up Again — Keep Your Profits High

It’s Easy to Make Money When Everything is Going Up — Can You Keep It Up As Things Turn Around? Vacancies rose by a tenth of one percent last quarter — which might not seem like much at first, until you notice that it’s the first time that the overall rental vacancy rate has risen […]


Real Estate Investing with a Self-Directed IRA

Retire Comfortably By Investing Intelligently Today. Hearing an investor say that they want to use their Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to invest in real estate is kind of like saying that they want to use their savings account to invest in the stock market. It doesn’t tell you anything, because ‘investing in real estate’ is […]


Is It The Right Time To Consider Selling Your Investment Property? (NO!)

Show Yourself The Money! One of the constant questions a real estate investor asks themselves is: “Will I be better off if I sell right now?” There’s the constant temptation of liquidating and cashing out any gains you’ve already made, especially with the recent real estate market crash so fresh in most investor’s minds. Of […]


Renovation for Rental vs. Renovation for Flipping: What’s the Difference?

Don’t judge a house by it’s curb appeal…unless you’re selling. Renovating a property should always add value to it, or else what’s the point? But that doesn’t mean that all renovations are the same — because not all value is the same. Different people value different things. The question is, can we establish some firm […]


Investing in Detroit Real Estate from Abroad? Don’t Get Scammed!

Not just Detroit real estate — if you’re investing in real estate at all, read this first. There are a lot of good reasons why international investing is difficult. Generally, we think of it as easier to invest in US stocks, bonds, and real estate than it would be to invest elsewhere. The truth, however, […]


Is This a Good Rental Investment? Part II: How to Run The Numbers

Cashflow is King! Are you considering becoming a landlord? And you’ve already checked out the neighborhood around the place you’re considering buying? Then it’s time to look at the numbers and figure out if this place is a good rental investment. What Will Your Net Rental Income Look Like? The number one number to calculate […]


Detroit Area Investing – The City versus the Suburbs

Either can make you money, but have you really considered everything when evaluating the risk versus reward of each? It seems almost every day someone’s asking us about buying investment properties in the City of Detroit. While there’s nothing wrong with investing in Detroit properties, we’re amazed at the general naiveté of those asking us […]