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You’re Investing In A House Not Buying a Home

Smart investors don’t buy property because they envision themselves living in it, they invest in property to turn a profit.  That process requires discipline. The decision of whether to place a bid or pass on a property needs to be clear cut. Assess the financials, numbers don’t lie. Remember, you’re buying a house and renting […]


6 Worst Mistakes by First Time Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing is a time tested way of building wealth with efficient planning and effective execution of long term strategy. While it is lucrative it can also be very demanding and costly when mistakes are made. Remember that the real estate industry is highly competitive and you should know this in advance. It can […]


Tips for Getting Your First Rental Property

Thinking of getting started in real estate investing? Real estate investing in all its forms has one goal – to increase income and wealth. There are a lot of benefits to investing in single-family residential (SFR) rental properties. Rental properties offer cash flow every month along with long-term benefits of increasing equity and appreciation.  Here […]


Tips for Newbies Investing in Real Estate

Learn how to find & buy properties in Detroit, and make money through real estate investing. Investing in real estate is a tough gig to get in on, especially when you have no idea where to start. Here are a few of the tactics that our owners have used to find their first — or […]


Is Your Rental Investment Still Worth It?

While there are no 100% hard-and-fast rules, here are some things that you definitely do need to keep in mind when you’re pondering that question One of the biggest problems with the high-risk/high-reward nature of the real estate market in the City of Detroit (versus the suburbs) is that when you hit that ‘high-risk’ side […]


The Yin and Yang of Metro Detroit Rentals

Most cities in Metro Detroit are worlds apart. The Metro Detroit area is one of the most polarized areas in the nation. One part is populated with people who tend strongly to be low-income, low-education, and low-demographic. The other is populated with people who tend to fall much closer to the national averages in those […]


How to Invest in a Blighted Neighborhood

Blighted neighborhoods are genuinely a trap, but they’re only a trap for the unwary. Blight – in Detroit, it’s essentially defined as “a property that hasn’t been maintained in so long that it is an eyesore and a hazard.” Detroit has several areas that are blight-ridden, where literally one street looks like any other (low-demographic) […]


How Many People Does it Take to Manage a Property?

A good property management team can make your investment work. Royal Rose Properties is a fairly unusual property manager – we do a lot of things that most property managers don’t. In particular, we’re renowned for our in-depth record-keeping, our unique approach to the most high-risk/high-reward neighborhoods in Detroit, and for having a relatively vast […]


Investing in Detroit Properties: A Fairy Tale

Don’t stake your claim until you know the potential pitfalls. Investing in Detroit Properties – Once upon a time, a somewhat-nobleman of modest wealth from a land far, far away heard whispers of our land, which was of course just as far away from him as he is to us. The whispers traveled across the […]


No Office Space? The Benefits of Being Online-Only

Companies are certainly catching onto the trend of “no office space” and it’s changing the way they work.   One of the aspects of Royal Rose Properties that our owners and tenant find the most disconcerting is that we have no office space. There’s no door you can go knock on and have someone from […]