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What Do Your Tenants Want Outside The House?

Curb appeal is one thing, but what about yard appeal, backyard appeal, and the rest of the appeals? Real estate agents put a lot of value on curb appeal when selling houses, and to a degree, property managers tend to as well — it’s important that the first impression that a house makes on a […]


Rental Demographics: Age Trends

  Renters aren’t getting younger — but more young people than ever are renting! There’s a lot of data out there about who is renting, how much they’re paying, and so on — oftentimes, it’s too much, and we lose track of what we’re trying to learn about. So today, we’re going to break down […]


Seven Fascinating Things About Today’s Renter

Opportunity is Knocking! …Or Is That the Plumbing? Modern renters are mostly like the renters of the 90s…mostly. But some things — OK, a lot of things changed when the Great Recession reminded us that we can’t live on credit and high hopes forever. Most of these things are in some way related to that […]


Even People Who Move Don’t Go Far: The Importance of Local Reputation

Capture your share of the moving-within-town market! We stumbled across a fascinating infographic by recently, and it got us to thinking. According to the graphic linked above — and we’re pretty confident that knows their stuff — more than 1 in 10 families have moved each year for the past few years. More […]


What Kinds of Prospects Match Your Home?

Different Tenants Have Different Wants and Needs — Play To That The Detroit Metropolitan area is home to an amazing variety of homes. From the classic turn-of-the-century Bungalow and Cape Cod to the Craftsman and Colonial homes of the ’20s and ’30s to the Ranch styles of the ’50s and ’70s, you can find almost […]


The Incredible Influence of Online Reputation

A company called BrightLocal, late last year, released a survey of how people interact with customer reviews, and the results were interesting enough that when I stumbled upon it, I decided I had to share. Different people have had a lot of different takeaways from reading the survey, but the lesson that I learned is […]


The Incentives That Actually Keep Tenants Around

Offering incentives in order to retain a good tenant is simply smart business — it’s significantly cheaper to maintain a current customer by giving them a small gift than it is to market and find a new tenant. But how exactly to retain tenants (or, more accurately since we’re clearly talking about incentives here, what […]


The New American Dream Looks Good for the Rental Market

For A Lot of Millennials, The Great Recession Was The ‘American Wake Up.’ Every generation has had its own take on the American Dream — ever since the 1930s when the term arose (and referred largely to ‘surviving the Great Depression’), it has been evolving constantly. “Living the American Dream” has referred to: owning a […]


Do You Have a Senior-Oriented Property?

Know yourself, and know your target tenant, and you will survive a thousand rentals. While it’s true that seniors are more likely to own than rent at present, that trend may be changing. Estimates are that there will be some 2.2 million more senior renters by the end of the decade as the Baby Boomers […]


Customizing Your Business for the Millennials

Millennials are the future — and there’s no reason not to tap the market starting today. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Millennials,’ it refers to the generation that, in the late 80s and early 90s, was called “Generation Y” (because it was the generation after Generation X, naturally.) They’ve earned the nickname because […]