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A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Minimum-Effort Landlording

To achieve more free time and not be tied to a demanding landlording job, you’ll do yourself a favor by building your systems now. One of the benefits of being a do-it-yourself or DIY landlord is that you get to choose just how much time and energy you want to put into landlording – obvious […]


Getting Tenants (Or Anyone Else) to Do What You Want, Pt. I

If someone uses the carrots/sticks reward system to make you do something, they try to make you do it partly by offering you rewards and partly by threatening you. The common view of ‘how to modify someone else’s behavior’ in American culture is that it’s comprised of two basically equal parts: carrots (rewards for doing […]


A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Screening Tenants with Social Media

Any prospective tenant can act like the best tenant in the world during the initial walk-through. Part of being a good landlord is being able to discern the truth in a situation where everyone you talk to has powerful motivations to hide the truth and/or openly lie. And while you can get by on the […]


DIY Landlord Tools: The Ultimate Rent-Ready Checklist III

An immaculate kitchen will produce a positive first impression on renters. Royal Rose Properties put together a rent-ready checklist that are important for certain rooms in the house such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and even closets. Our massive list of everything a house needs to be rent-ready continues this week with the checkslists […]


DIY Landlord Tools: The Ultimate Rent-Ready Checklist II

Having a checklist provides a systematic way to inspect the home for any outstanding issues. We’re going forward today with the most complete rent-ready checklist around, and this time, we’re doing the basics: things that every room needs, and things that every house as a whole needs as well. Each and Every Room Needs (Where […]


DIY Landlord Tools: The Ultimate Rent-Ready Checklist I

Is your home in a rentable condition? It’s time for some more of Royal Rose Properties’ advice for DIY landlords around Detroit and around the country. We know from a mountain of experience that one of the most difficult parts of landlording is staying organized and not missing any crucial details. So, we’re putting together a […]


Getting Better Tenants Starts with Being a Better Landlord

Just because you own some rental property doesn’t make you a better person. It’s easy, when you’re a landlord, to think of tenants as sources of rent money that sometimes uncontrollably damage their environments with their own stupidity or ignorance. That attitude leads quickly to a situation where you as the landlord are basically spending […]


How Long Does It Take? Vacant Property Edition

study found that closing times on real estate rentals are getting longer—on average it now takes 50 days. Royal Rose Properties does a lot of things for our owners. We manage renovation, repairs, marketing, inspections, move-ins and -outs, collections, evictions, and more. Each of those tasks takes time, but many owners don’t really have a […]


Identifying the ‘Target Market’ for Your Property

Realtors use the same strategies their competition is using and somehow expects better results. Any kind of post proposing to talk about ‘targeting’ a property advertisement has to begin with a caveat: do not take anything in this post as advising you to do anything that would violate the Fair Housing Act. That will get […]


Switching to ShowingHero: Good, Bad, and Beautiful

Technology can be the solution, but that’s after first defining what the problem is. Thanks to the loss of two once-great showing agents over the course of three months, Royal Rose Properties found itself faced with a dilemma: hire new agents and deal with all of the trial-and-error that comes with it, or find another […]