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It’s a Great Time to Buy a House…If You Can

If You Can’t, It’s Obviously A Great Time to Rent a House! It’s actually been a very long time since buying a home cost more than renting one — since 1991, to be precise — but there are a lot of extrinsic factors that have made renting a better option in general for most people. […]


Even People Who Move Don’t Go Far: The Importance of Local Reputation

Capture your share of the moving-within-town market! We stumbled across a fascinating infographic by recently, and it got us to thinking. According to the graphic linked above — and we’re pretty confident that knows their stuff — more than 1 in 10 families have moved each year for the past few years. More […]


9 Steps to Prepare an Investment Property For Its First Tenant

No Second Chance for a First Impression Whether you’re a novice investor wondering what to do with your first property or a seasoned property manager with scores of active properties under your belt, it pays to know exactly what it takes to get a freshly-purchased investment property ready to rent. Here’s our take on the […]


Summer is Heating Up the Metro Detroit Rental Market

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Property Owner in Detroit Just nine months ago, the news cycle around Detroit had several reports out assuring everyone that it was much better to buy a home in Detroit than it was to rent here. It put a tiny bit of a damper on the […]


Is This a Good Rental Investment? Part IV: The Final Overview

The most important eyes you can get on the property you’re considering…are someone else’s. So, you’ve found a decent property in a decent neighborhood. You’ve run the numbers and determined that it will be profitable. You’ve even looked into the cost of repairs and decided that you can afford it. You’re ready to move forward […]


Is This A Good Rental Investment? Part III: What Repairs Will This Place Need?

Even an otherwise-excellent investment property can become your Kryptonite if it needs too much work or you spend too much. We’re assuming by now that you’re reading this because you’re looking into becoming a real-estate tycoon and you want to know whether that rental investment you’ve got your eye on is likely to be worth […]


Are Downtowns Becoming Cool Again? A Landlord’s Perspective

Americans are changing the way we think about the urban core…again. Since 2008, downtown office vacancies nationwide have increased to 12.4% — but suburban office vacancies are at a huge 16.6%. What’s going on? Well, there are a lot of theories, but the one that’s gaining the most traction is that the post-WWII migration toward […]


Is This A Good Rental Investment? Part I: Assessing The Location

Even A Great Deal on a House can Fail You in the Wrong Neighborhood. If you just follow the regular news it seems almost everywhere you look today real estate values are going up. Jump on the internet and you’ll find plenty of supposed deals on rental properties. Well, all is not as it seems […]


Oakland County Tax Foreclosure Auction – Part II

The 2nd round of the Oakland County (MI) tax foreclosure auction was just held and the county treasurer’s office is calling it a success. Due to a scheduling conflict, it was held at Ultimate Soccer Arenas – which turned out to be a much better venue for a public auction than the county auditorium where […]