Are You A Landlord’s Nightmare Tenant?


Are You A Landlord’s Nightmare Tenant?

We’ve all heard horror stories of bad landlords, or Slumlords. Hopefully, you’ve never rented from one!  There are also Slum-tenants out there destroying homes and avoiding paying rent.

Hopefully, you’re not a Slum-tenant, but you may be majorly annoying your landlord without even meaning to.

Do you grind a landlord’s gears? Let’s take a look.

Overall Disrespect of Management

Not filling out the application entirely or lying about information is not the way to start a business relationship. Not showing up on time for appointments is plain rude. Why is your time more valuable? These triggers will not only irk landlords but may also signal you’ll be nothing but trouble down the road. Don’t let your first impression be the reason for denial.

Poor Credit History

This is one of those times when your past comes back to haunt you. If you’ve failed to repay other debts like credit cards or car payments before, it’s a sign you either have money or responsibility issues. Convincing a landlord that you’ve changed is going to be a struggle. 

Are You Inconsiderate of Your Neighbors?

Rules aren’t always meant to be broken. Blaring music at odd hours or inconsiderate parking just make more problems for your landlord. When living in close quarters, you need to respect your neighbors’ rights to peaceful living. If you’re the subject of complaints to management, you may be a bad tenant.

Do Have a History of Eviction?

“It’s wasn’t my fault.” Listen, landlords and management companies have heard it all before. Evictions are time consuming, unpleasant, and money sucks. Why would landlords want to force a vacancy on themselves? So, If you’ve been evicted, or had one started against you, be ready to submit a detailed explanation.

Do You Think Rent Due Dates Are Just a Suggestion?

What would you do if your employer didn’t pay you on time? Well, your landlord expects to get paid on time just like you do. If you skip payments or pay late, it puts them in a jam. They have bills to pay just like you. There may be a grace period before fees and penalties kick in, but it’s best not to abuse it.

Do You Rarely Get Your Security Deposit Back?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a klutz or just careless. Not taking care of others’ property shows disrespect. Repairing or replacing tenant caused damages wears a landlord thin.

You Can’t Come in Right Now

What are you hiding? Refusing access to your landlord, for a scheduled inspection or work order is disruptive and disrespectful. Your lease agreement states that a landlord must provide you with proper notice to enter your home unless it’s an emergency. When presented with proper notification, you’re obligated to allow access to your home.

Not Reporting Maintenance Issues Promptly

Big problems are easy to fix when they are still small. Not notifying your landlord about a small drip can complicate the problem later.  Water leaks can lead to warped floorboards and promote mold growth. Before you know it, half of the floor or wall needs replacing.

Inviting or Hiding Long-term Guests

Having your new crush spend the night is one thing. Having them move in is a direct violation of your lease. The lease agreement you signed protects you and the landlord, not your significant other.

Ignoring The Pet Policy

Your compassion got the better of you, and you could not let that lost dog live on the streets just one more day. Pets make noise, messes, and leave an unpleasant odor for others who aren’t as fond of them as you are. If you’re rental does allow pets, notify the landlord and pay the pet deposit. Hiding an unauthorized pet violates your lease terms, you may end up out the streets with it.

Your Living Space Is A Pig’s Sty

No one expects you to be a neat-freak, but being an outright slob will cause headaches for your landlord. The longer you go between regular cleanings, the harder it will be to bring the home back to its original beauty. Built-up grease or garbage is an ideal breeding ground for insects and rodents. Remember, your security deposit can be used for extensive clean-up. 

Opting Against Renters Insurance

This one is just plain dumb. Renters insurance is too inexpensive to go without. Surely your landlord has an insurance policy, but except in rare cases, your valuables won’t be covered. Renters insurance protects you, your stuff, and your landlord’s property in case of fire, extensive damage or theft.

You have responsibilities as a tenant. Being responsive, respectful, and courteous will go a long way with landlords. Besides, if a time should arise where you get in a jam, they might be more apt to cut you some slack. References will follow you from rental to rental. Having a marred rental history is one of the biggest red flags that you may be a problem tenant. Don’t let these silly missteps make finding a suitable home more difficult, otherwise, the only landlord that may take you is a Slumlord.

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